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Your Soulmate Could Be Swiping Left Because You’re Too Hot

We all love our favorite selfies, and it’s ok that you use photo editing tools to enhance your already fabulous looks, but hold off on putting your best photos on Tinder. You would think that having your best head shot on the hottest dating app would help you get a date. However, a recent study from researchers at the University of Iowa found that people with “high selective self-presentation were seen as bragging about their looks and their accomplishments” according to the Washington Post. Oh no, hotties are swiping left on your best photos!
Similarly to the University of Iowa’s study, Tinder’s in-house sociologist Jessica Carbino, in an interview with Fast Company, explains that “Women, according to my dissertation, are less likely to respond to messages from men who are incredibly attractive. For men, the opposite applies.” So for you guys out there, Carbino suggests to not upload head shots, and to put more emphasis on the bio feature. Tell the women about yourself, show you care. A photo with fido could never hurt either. Your dream date is out there, you just have to make your profile stand out so they can find you, and remember don’t use your best photo, it could be making you look cocky!
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